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New year, new initiatives

By 18. December 2019January 13th, 2021No Comments

The wheel spins and another year is now over. This year, a great deal has happened in Guðavík, and that will of course continue in 2020!

Activities in 2020

At the time of writing this, we are still getting the various events in place; time/place, what/when, and so on, but in broad terms, we are gradually getting closer to being done. As is custom, our calendar will be constantly updated so that people who’s interested can follow along and possibly plan accordingly. Shelters are booked at the seasonal blóts, summer and autumn, so we have the opportunity to spend the night outside, and the tradition of “wandering” at one of the seasonal blóts is maintained, as we expect to pay a visit to Blotlaug Nordsjælland, just as we did this year – which was really nice!

  • Spring blót at BN
  • Midsummer in the Bidstrup Forests
  • Autumn blót at Haraldsted
  • Winter solstice at Mosede Fort

As for the hikes and the like in the coming year, we have only one in the calendar so far, and a trip to Sweden “in the oven”. The rest has to come as we go along – there is a little new girl on the way in the family, so of course it will get a priority before all activities (at least the ones arranged by me).

Out online presence

As we’ve stated on the front page, out website is currently undergoing a loving overhaul. And that includes our blog, which has finally been made active, primarily intended for service announcements and the like, but there will possibly be posted more varied content in time – who knows. However, we do not intent to introduce any editorial calendar, as there are slightly more important things to us in life.

A number of new sub-pages have been set up, all of which in their own way, should make it a little easier to get good and solid knowledge sourced to you, our dear reader, with out having to sift through a myriad of dusty old websites with questionable sources and overly poor usability. But since I’m not omnipotent, content will be added as we go along.

The contact form

In connection with the many new initiatives on the website, we have recieved a question through the contact form, regarding the symbolism in our logo, unfortunately I have goofed the settings and not checked if it worked as intended, therefore we did not recieve name and email, and have thus been unable to reply directly.

The problem has been fixed now, so we should be able to answer any future inquiries. But as a sort of patch on the wound, I intend to write a post here on the blog, about the symbolism in our logo, perhaps even in paganism and asatrú in general.


– Thrane


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