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The future

What does Skuld have in store for us?

The future

What does Skuld have in store for us?

What tomorrow brings, is unknown to us

As we all know, it is the Norns who weave our destiny, and as far as the future is concerned, it is primarily Skuld who is in the know. It is however debatable whether Frigg knows it too, but she won’t tell it regardless. In addition, there are some examples of wise soothsayers able to see some things; some see far but blurry, others short and more focused, likewise with Odin.

We are fighting for the same thing

Many groups have 3 overall dreams for the pagan community, and many of them have struggled for years to be the ones to finally do it. But when there are many strong opinions at stake, it can be a bit difficult to make ends meet; who should have the rights to rule? Should those we dislike be allowed to book it? And so on, the ball has started rolling.


The desire to have pagan land underfoot lies deep in many heathens, but land is expensive and we do not have it yet, but what can be done?

Some groups save up using monthly fees from their members, while others try and find a way to receive state aid, so publicly available pagan land will come sooner or later, that’s for sure.

Cult sites

We can see churches and temples all over the country and one mosque after another popping up these days, but where can the pagans go to honor their gods, and why is there such a reluctance to let that happen to the original faith of the north?

First, however, land must be provided on which a cult site can be built, therefore we will probably see it come in the wake of the common goal – until then we will probably have to look far and wide for a place where we can go, like all the others of a different faith.

Burial sites

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A growing community

For a number of years, the pagan cummunity has seen an enormous growth in the number of believers, associations such as Forn Sidr Denmark have also been able to boast of being the religious community in the country, with the most growth, seen in percentage.

What exactly is behind it is not known, but that the mainstream wave of Viking broadcasts has had an influence can hardly be denied, no matter what, these days we see more and more Asatruar praise the ancient primordial forces, and we can only rejoice.