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Paganism today

What does it mean to be a modern heathen?

Paganism today

What does it mean to be a modern heathen?

Far from people’s preconceptions

When, as a heathen in this day and age, one dares to express one’s spiritual conviction publically, you are often met by many ideas and preconceptions from people; many hard-wired assumptions about what it’s all about. For example, many people believe that it’s mere a misunderstood view of movies and TV, that it’s role-playing in the woods, or even that we’ve gone mad studying old history books. Fortunately it runs deeper than that, and we will have a closer look at it here.

We praise the ancient primeval forces

Yes, you’ll often find us shouting deep in the woods, on old gravemounds or at ancient stone ships and the like, some dress up in reenactment clothing to feel closer to their ancestors, but it is certainly not a requirement – at least not here in Guðavík. We each have our own way of getting in touch with the primeval forces, and we each have our own interpretation of the faith.

It is popularly said that for each norse pagan you meet, you also encounter a new interpretation of the faith, some have a New-Age approach, other a Folkish, some are heavily into the Viking faith, some are Shamanistic and yet others are there to come in contact with Nature. Common to all, however, is that we praise the primordial powers, we all see the same, but we all see differently.


How do we pay tribute to the gods?

The blót is central to our faith, this is where we make our sacrifice to the higher powers. Many swear to a minimum of 4 annual blóts, these being at Solstice and Equinox, also commonly called seasonal blóts. Each group has its own rituals, but on the whole they tend to be similar. In addition, we also have rites of passage, and a number of smaller daily rituals, that vary greatly from person to person.

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No one knows whose view is truest

As you know, for each heathen you meet, you are also greeted by a new outlook on the faith, we’ll take a closer look at some of the many different interpretations of Asatrú, what each of them stands for, and what might be the basis for them.

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Customs and traditions

Your traditions are our traditions

”How does an Asatrú celebrate christmas?” – that is just one of the many questions we meet, and often it can be answered rather easily with, “We celebrate Yule like everyone else here in Scandinavia!”. People have simply forgotten where their traditions and customs originate, or don’t know that the good old yule, in fact is heathen to its very core.

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The future

What tomorrow brings is unknown to us

What the future brings only the Norns can tell, but that won’t prevent us from trying to influence it. So, what has today been launched to ensure a brighter future for us pagans? We will take a look at that, and try and make a guess.

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We stand stronger together

We will take a look at which assemblies exist both at home and abroad. Where can you go in search of more knowledge, or to find someone to practice your faith with? Actually more than one would think!

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