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Symbolism in our logo

By 6. January 2020January 13th, 2021No Comments

On the basis of an inquiry we got through our contact form, which I cannot reply diretly to (because I goofed the setup), I will instead give some insights into the symbolism incorporated into our logo, the simple and the full version.

Pagan symbolism

That symbolism was an important thing in ancient times can hardly be a suprise to anyone, it was true not only in skaldic poetry, where a person could express one’s knowledge and intelligence, but also in many parts of the Edda (e.g. Odin’s visit to Vafthrúdnir) and to a great extend in various symbols. Unfortunately, nowadays we must see ourselves blinded to much of the symbolism that was taken for granted in the old days – we must correct that!

So, what can you find in our logo?

  • Sun wheel / Sun sign
  • The blót circle
  • Brotherhood
  • Køge Bay
    • And the sunrise at winter solstice
  • Hugin & Munin
  • Change / Improvement / Vitality

In the full version of our logo, however, there is also a built-in task for the observer, to find the symbolism and the deeper meaning within. In other words; there is more to it, than what is listed here!

Sun wheel

Sun wheels have always been an important symbol here in Scandinavia, partly because we have been so dependent on Sól’s warming light. But sun wheels and sun signs are actually among the oldest symbols around the entire globe, for example, they are alive and well in Hinduism in India to this very day. And if you look closely, you will be able to find them in Danish culture from before the second world war as well.

So, sun signs is of course an important part of our logo – with 3 of them incorporated into the full version, and as the sole symbol in the simple logo.

Sun wheel and Sun sign

The blót circle

The blót circle is a sacred place, what happens there and what is said there remains there. It is the closed and unbreakable circle of blót participants, where our sacred acts usually are expressed.

The blót circle


In Danish, our spiritual community is called an “Åndsfællesskab”, which (again in Danish) is defined as being a broadly branched fraternity or brotherhood, but since we don’t exclusively invite male members, we found it nessesary not to use that word, but something that included the same meaning across genders.


Køge Bay

Guðavík translates to The Bay of the Gods, i.e. Køge Bay – where we originate. And where the first steps towards our foundation took place, at Sól’s rise on winter solstice 2016, in the middle of Køge Bay. Therefore, the sunrise in Køge Bay at winter solstice is also an important element of the logo.

Sunrise at Køge Bay

Hugin & Munin

Thought and Remembrance, and also a sign of Óðinn the Allfather.

Hugin & Munin

Change, improvement and vitality

Spirals symbolize, among other things, change, improvement, vitality and growth.

In Guðavík, we always seek to improve ourselves and our community – for example, I can often be heard talking about the pursuit of the perfect, but do not misunderstand, I don’t think it is possible to achieve, at least not here on the physical plane, but it should not keep us from following mother nature herself, and seek to improve ourselved every single day we live. In mathematics we know of, among other things, the Fibonacci numbers, Pi and Phi, and from the art world the golden spiral, the divine proportions and sacred geometry, all of whom express the natural endeavour to achieve perfection, that which is always a bit out of reach, but that we for each try come a little bit closer to.



– Thrane


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